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2 Responses to Contact Me

  1. Great Site / informational Blog!

  2. FRAUD UPON THE COURT (NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS). State of Peonage- 1971 August 15, Richard Nixon Henry Kissinger and George Bush (one non-living person engineered a public notice speaking for God’s Trust as if the bills of exchange could create a payment of the Union dues (tax dollars) United States Dollars) Federal Reserve Notes with no identified maturity dates are non-redeemable loans to interact as if payment was made in full .
    Please! Review legalism (Chinese philosophy) controlling the warring states. and then review Buckminster Fuller’s book about ephemeralization and ephemeral. Only the prognostication skills of the very highly learned Buckminster Fuller explains the false assumption that this society is at at war with the Great Pirates control over the direction of the World economy. ever since the original ships set sail under the command of the wealth of Nations. Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth. Trade War (International Humanitarian Law aka the law of war. Investment Act of 1940 is the daze created before the invocation for Japan’s Rath. 832-834-4211 City of Houston, Harris County, TX 455-52-8148 social security divestment for organized retail theft ex ante.

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